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About The Author

Enrique López-Mañas

Enrique is a Google Developer Expert, and Freelance Mobile Engineer normally based in Munich, Germany (although is hard to catch him up there for more than a few weeks in a row). He develops software and writes about it for money and fun. He spends his free time developing OpenSource code, writing articles, learning languages or taking photographies. He loves nature, beer, traveling, and talking about him in third person.

What you will learn

This book collects and present on a readable way questions and tips on how you should prepare for an Android interview. This book is valid both for interviewers and candidates.

Too that many of the questions asked at interviews are so repetitive, and if you google something like “android interview questions” the same set is always returned. Whereas they are still valid, if you are aiming at hiring a senior you should consider more advanced questions about architecture, patterns or frameworks.

Each question is answered with a comprehensive and clear reply. Some of the questions provide a bonus, which is typically a topic you want to deep into to further analyze the knowledge of a candidate. Questions are divided in three different levels, so whether you are a beginner or an advanced Android developer, this book will surely help you to land your Dream Android Job!

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    100 questions and answers

    A total of 100 questions and answers about Android, programming and software engineering.

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    Divided by levels

    The questions are divided in three groups, based on the difficulty of the question.

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    Android 5.x

    The questions are actual, and based on Android 5.x

Book Reviews

This is what other readers say about the book

Fernando G. Gallego

As a professional android developer I have found the advanced chapters quite interesting and a good refresher of things you might have forgotten about.

Jose Manuel Pereira

It's not about questions, it's about steps to become a great Android Developer. I'm sure that this book will become essential in our libraries. If you don't know which are your weak points then this is your book.

Nelson Glauber

Great book for interviews and for testing the level of knowledge of Android development.

Michael Vogt

The information provided was helpful to me, and for the price, I can highly recommend it for other lesser experienced (and likely more experienced) developers.

Marcos Trujillo

Very well written book, doesn't matter if you are a rookie or a very experienced developer. For sure you will find questions that you don't know how to answer or perhaps questions that you don't have the concept well formed. 100 mandatory questions answered in less than a paragraph.

Nick Skelton

A valuable litmus test for Android proficiency. Enrique has highlighted several areas of not only the Android platform but software development that every mobile developer should be aware of.

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